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RAC - Let Go (ft. Kele & MNDR)

Here is one we couldn’t let go, RAC‘s newest single. Always on top form in delivering pop sounds into the world, RAC add another winner to their few, see “Hollywood” here, collection of original works. We’re massive fans, and has a reminder is the interview we had back in April here.
This time André is backed by the voices of Kele Okereke, the prolific singer of the UK band Bloc Party, and pop sensation “MNDR” Amanda Warner. The combination of both artists works in perfection, Kele’s voice is as always top notch, giving it a bit of seriousness and adding the high pitch voice of Amanda on top of a melodic sunny pop song is enough for a little upbeat and a smile on your face, remiding that “You are golden”.  The song follows in the footsteps of “Hollywood” and we like the direction this is heading.
The single is a part of the EP, Don’t Talk To, which you can pre-order on itunes and it gives us a little glimpse on other two originals, that I can only assume are part of the bigger picture, that LP we were promised at the beginning of the year. You can catch this and other things after the jump on our interview with André Anjos.



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