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If I was a House producer, I would try to upgrade/recreate/rework my own sound constantly. It’s apparent that in light of recent times, it’s really hard to come out with something that will effectively call people’s attention. The quantity over quality being delivered everyday is massive, and honestly scary! If we think House music is already a genre that is difficult to “escape” from the main formula, we might have to agree that there’s probably too much music for just a few pair of ears!  Anyway, the piece we bring you today totally refutes this idea. From Brussels, Belgium, Miguel Fernandez & Renato Marquez are the names behind an interesting project called Jetlag. After sharing some remixed material, the duo came out with a brand new single called “Dali” featuring the amazing vocals from Moise and Luis Marquez’s smooth soprano saxophone. The result is beautiful! You will fall in love with the elegance of the piece, as well as the masterful production level. We can feel that every single element was carefully thought out and and designed. We’re definitely seeing this as one of the best original tracks of the month! Make sure to grab your free copy below, and don’t forget to share this post with your buddies. Somehow, this track doesn’t even have 1500 plays. How is it possible?

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  1. Guys, your music selection is just a pure bliss…. and this particular song…. is increadibly beautiful. thanks a million!

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