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Plastic Plates
Los Angeles-based producer Felix Bloxsom (aka Plastic Plates) is finally back with a brand new original single.”Come On Strong” is an eccentric floor filler with an immense 90s house feeling. We’re a little bit surprised with the production, since it goes more into the house world, but the result is very interesting. Almost 6 minutes of dirty sweaty beats garnished with a strong vocal female sample. A track to be played in the outdoors, for those who like to feel the sand in the feet. If people like Alex Metric, Aeroplane, Touch Sensitive, and Cassian, are supporting this track; it can only means that this piece has been already tested and approved on many dance floors around the world. Make sure to grab your copy on iTunes, and just in case you missed Plastic Plates remix of Para One’s “Every Little Thing, |download it here|. Great news just before another promising weekend!




Categories: 90's, Disco, Golden Tracks, House

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