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Monitor 66 feat Bit - Vitae

We have been patiently waiting for another release of our good friends Monitor 66. And it seems the wait has paid off as House Of Disco releases a new EP, properly named after the single, Vitae. We are fans of the Sweden duo and their music, has you can attest on our review of “Follow you” here. But of course it was the hit “Triscuits”, which I recommend you listen here, that initially hooked us and gave them a bit of stardom, after being featured on one of The Magician’s mixtapes.
But as many other artists we feature here they are a little contradictory. Although they are from Sweden, their sound is very sunny and bright, as homages to the summer on the beach, which if anyone doesn’t know, is not a good reason to go to Sweden, and yet again this dynamic duo gives another vision into their minds with a very tropical tune, following in the footsteps of their previous work, stated as “music for sunsets”. The treatment given to Bit’s subtle and melodic voice is also a plus and shows some serious work. We hope and enjoy a bright future for these “not so beach” boys.
Be sure to get the full Ep at Beatport.



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