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Parisian producer Joakim, who recently moved to New York, has just unveiled a new single titled “Heartbeats/Another Light.” The new work is accompanied with a video edited by Mr. Bazzouka himself, which is the result of his private collection of visual memories from places he toured such as Shanghai, Puerto Escondido, New York, Washington, Bogota, Venice, Zermatt, and a few airplanes. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the future with Joakim’s new lifestyle, but the truth is that we’re honestly in love with the result of the new track. Not only the quality production is excellent, but it also conveys passion and soul. Joakim once again is delivering a piece for those who want to explore and hear the sound of the future. Make sure to grab your copy via Tigersushi, and read below Joakim’s own thoughts about the new work:

“…it’s sad love song. It’s about the fear of losing something or someone, and loneliness in our current digital age….” … “…Especially the way the Internet has redefined relationships and fantasies….”



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