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Their album debut “Atlas” is just around the corner (August the 9th) and after several EPs and remixes, we guess Rüfüs lads might be so excited. This trio from Sydney keep busy with their own label Monekeleon, and besides these last months they’ve travelled a lot. We’ve have asked some questions about this and other stuff, let’s see what they have to tell us.

Golden Scissors: Your band’s name comes from a little three-legged dog, is it true? Do you usually keep visiting and talking to it?
Rüfüs: He is our muse.

GS: You first EP is full of instrumental and other musical elements that we personally loved so much, but you said it was quite difficult to put in practice on live shows, that means you won’t be back to that style?
Rüfüs: When we write we try not to have our live show in mind but more embrace the songwriting and production alone, which is exactly what we did on the first EP. I think it allows more freedom to explore uncharted territory and gives much more room to stumble on something fresh or new. So a lot of the live instrumentation, weird field recordings and sampling is very much still on this album. The exciting thing now is working out how to translate it live for our tour in September around Australia.

GS: Your debut album “Atlas” is just around the corner, what can we expect from it? Many surprises?
Rüfüs: I guess the album is something we’ve been working towards for the last two years and its probably the most concise body of work we’ve ever done. We drew on all our influences from the deeper tones of Trentemoller, the cheeky minimal melodies of books shade, the guitar work of UK indie rock bands like foals through to writing vocals with more of a soulful throwback than what we’ve done in previous releases. Going into writing the album we knew we wanted half to be bright summer tracks with some deeper darker tunes in the later part of the album and I think we’ve balanced that pretty nicely. There’s definitely a few cheeky surprises in there.

GS: Are you still running your own label? Any good releases ahead?
Rüfüs: We recently signed to ‘sweat it out’ at the start of the year and they’ve been perfect for us. But yea, originally we started our label ‘monekeleon’ just so we could release our first EP. We never really had any intentions of releasing any other artists stuff at the time but instead used it as more of a tool to get our music out there. It is something we are really excited to do in the future but for now I think we’ll stick to making the music.

GS: Your Top 5 Mondays on Facebook were so funny and interesting, will be those crazy lists come back?
Rüfüs: Maybe, I mean we loved doing it but when you start asking yourself what you’re top 5 of anything is, you realise it’s actually really hard to just settle on 5. And when there’s three of us involved…you can imagine it would take us a while and we were trying to finish the album so we decided to stop.

GS: You said your electronic influences come from Trentemoller, Chemical Brothers or Daft Punk; what are your current musical inspirations? Any new artist has gladly surprised you?
Rüfüs: There is so much amazing new music out there. We like stuff from Giraffage, Classixx, TEED, Mujuice, Motez…

GS: Russia was one of your last gigs, how was that experience?  You’ve been traveling worldwide, is there any country that has truly surprised you, something shocking to share with us?
Rüfüs: Russia was amazing. We thought it’d be freezing even tho it was summer but it was beautiful. Nice people, great clubs. Highlight places you should visit was a club called ‘Arma 17’ which had Ricardo Villalobos and an obnoxious sound system. both great things to make a party. And also Gorky park. You can literally do any activity in that park! There’s giant skate parks, beanbags to sleep on, dancing groups, peddle boats, bikes, rollerblades, volleyball nets, bars, drinking in public and plenty of room to throw a frisbee.

GS: Apart form you characteristic summery sound, one of your trademarks are those beautiful videos made by Jon’s brother known as Katzki, can you say it’s has become a band’s tradition?
Rüfüs: Katzki’s been there from the start as we wrote our first few songs three years ago and was a massive part of the creative process. So it only made sense that he’d take his amazing visualizations he’d dream up and translate it to film. He always blows us away with his cheeky creative choices so we hope to always work with him in the future.

GS: We are fed up of discovering amazing festivals in Australia, line-ups are incredible. You do have a monopoly! Which ones do you consider the best and why?
Rüfüs: Agreed, there’s some incredible line-ups floating around atm so it’s hard to compare them all like that. But I guess a stand out for me is a really small one called ‘secret garden’. They don’t tell you the line up or the location…and it still sells out. It goes for two days on a beautiful property and every single person that goes comes dressed in costume. There’s secret locations and hidden bars that you have to find all with crazy psychedelic decorations. Its kind of like a giant maze of happiness. No fights, no ego, just music, smiles and dance. I guess it’s Australia’s response to the burning man festival, only it’s more of a jungle green than desert.

GS: On Facebook you support many Aussie artists such as Lancelot or Parachute Youth, any more recommendations we should check out? Would you say as Aussie music scene is getting bigger you have more pressure?
Rüfüs: Definitely check out Motez, Frames, Softwar, Indian Summer, Polographia, Cassian and Movement. I’d say the bigger the scene the less pressure there is to some extent. We kind of feed off each other and push each other to do bigger or better things. We might see something in someones live show or hear something that inspires something fresh and that keeps us all on our toes and ready to try new stuff which is exciting I think.

GS: We notice you three have very different personalities, how do you manage to combine all that elements in the creative process?
Rüfüs: Weirdly enough it’s ridiculously easy. We kind of treat ourselves like a machine. Each of us bring something to the table and without one or the other it wouldn’t quite work.

GS: What do you usually include in your djset’s trackslists? You have your musts or improvise on the go?
Rüfüs: We love anything deeper, house or cheeky and usually mix pretty on the fly. Justin Martin, kolombo, Jonas rathsman and amine edge are always great but a few killer go to tracks we play pretty regularly are Soulmagic – someone like you, claptone – cream, Todd Terje – Inspector Norse, Julio Bashmore – au seve

GS: We know you are pretty active on social networks, how do you keep updated on music? Do you have any favorite blog?
Rüfüs: The biggest thing these days is Facebook groups with friends that have similar taste in music. That way you can cover most good music blogs out there.


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