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Dream Koalalove

During our lifetime we come across a lot of interesting people! I’m lucky enough to have a great job that allows me to meet people from all over the world. Plus, sometimes I even have the chance to spend an entire week with them, just walking around enjoying the nature. A couple weeks ago, I met a French nice girl with the cutest long dark hair, and big black eyes! In the meanwhile she me told she’s musician and plays piano for about 12 years. Inside her world there’s only place for classical music! As blogger, I could only be more than curious to know her own thoughts about Dream Koala’s music. In fact, I only had with me with his mesmerizing remix of Superpoze’s “Pavane” |listen/download here|, so I gave her my mp3, and awaited anxiously for a reaction. The truth is that I didn’t wait for too long to see her beautiful smile! The cute French girl was completely in love for the music from her fellow countryman. What I’m trying to prove here, is that great music will always touch every single person’s heart. No matter if we’re talking about classical music, electronic musical, or any other genre. Despite being so young, Dream Koala has been exponentially growing as musician, and he’s clearly becoming a reference inside the worldwide electronic scene. We’re facing a true genius from the modern times! “Odyssey” arrived today to the blogosphere like a bomb, and it is the first unveiled single from his forthcoming EP, due out on September 23rd. Once again, we’re facing a beautiful piece of elegant, luscious, and creative sounds. You will find yourself completely lost behind the deep and emotional intensity created by the atmosphere of the piece, together with the beautiful voice from Yndi. Make sure to grab your free copy below and follow Dream Koala on Facebook and Soundcloud. Please, if you really liked this track, make sure to share this post in order to reach as many people as possible. Sweet Dreams….

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