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Shine 2009 - Eurozone (CFCF Remix)

I love the world of today, the globalisation of different cultures and the influence it has on today’s music. Of course this “internet” thing helps people come together and this post just shows that. How else would a record company based in New York and London join a band from Finland with a producer from Quebec?
It’s sound easy in today’s world. It’s even more exciting when both artists present sounds based on 90’s europop. On one corner we find Shine 2009, with the single Eurozone, reviewed here, and on the other corner, remixing this piece is the Quebec producer CFCF.
As if the name title isn’t sufficient, CFCF takes another plunge in the 90’s electro scene that resembles the likes of Massive Attack’s work. The sound of the synthesizers, the beat, and that wonderful bass make you go back in time and it’s exciting. We were already fans of Cascine, Shine 2009 and CFCF, but this time we have to bow our heads and thank them for making this happen. Well done boys.
Although this was released in the long “internet time” past of two months ago, our human condition prevented us from delivering it here as we were on well deserved vacations, and its never too late to post something worth while, especially when it’s free.

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