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Chela – Zero (Oxford remix)
We know you’ve already known that we are huge fans of French young genius disco producer, Antoine Rigail (aka Oxford). This time we have a bonus: the lovely voice from Chela! “Zero” was released on the “Zero” mixtape, and now there’s a new remix from Oxford. “Romanticise” is the new single that’s being dropped on August 26 on Kitsuné. The release will have remixes from Gold Fields, Boys Get Hurt, Collarbones, Le Bruce, and Fascinator. According to the lady’s own words, “Chela is the latest and greatest one man woman to emerge from the bleak, black backstreets of Armadale, Wadonga.”

The truth is, Chela broke into the scene with huge collaborations that were stellar tracks. These included Goldroom’s “Fifteen” |listen here| or Clubfeet’s “Heartbreak” |listen here|. We have been listening to her unique material, which reveals a genuine and positive paradoxal music sound line. We’re still in love with the fantasy of “Full Moon,” |listen here|, and those awesome drums/claps from “Guts” |listen here| are addictive.

Oxford’s redemption caught our attention for its elegant and relaxed vibe. The French producer always makes sure to leave his signature on everything he does; always with smooth and well designed sound. We are seduced by the warm bassline of the piece, that couples with a sublime synth “game.” This creates a bright, light and positive atmosphere. And no, we can’t even imagine this track without the vocal from Chela! The idea of having Oxford remix a song from Chela doesn’t surprise us at all. Both acts are different, but when brought together, assimilate two parallel worlds working harmoniously. The result brings the best from both sides, resulting in the perfect soundtrack for those Summer Nights. Make sure to download your free copy below, as well as Chela’s “Romanticise” Minimix. Also, check out after the jump  Bona’s “Zero Mixtape,” which starts with the original version of the single. Stay Golden…!

Chela – Zero (Oxford Remix): download here ///

Chela – “Romanticise” Minimix: download here ///


Chela – Zero Mixtape : download here ///


Chela – Zero
Goldroom – Fifteen feat. Chela
Chela – Guts
Clubfeet – Heartbreak feat. Chela (LeBruce remix)
Chela – Vegas Nights
Chela – Full Moon (Sterling Silver Remix)
Chela – Jamelia (Caribou Cover)



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