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Brynjolfur - I Love You

Yesterday we published Brynjolfur‘s brand new disco tune “I Love You.” Today Eskimo Recordings shared the official video directed by Marco Ponti. This track has been supported and played by good people such as Tensnake, Diskjokke, Sasse, Djuma Soundsystem, just to name a few. Watch the video below, and read our review of the track right here. Hypnotizing!



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  1. Dario says:

    The fact that it sounds like candy, is simply because it has no melody no nothing. Just three chords and the most simple bass line based on the main note. Even the title is the most unoriginal one could have come up with. Nice acting from the chick in the video. But the “track” is dump.

  2. Arno Natte says:

    Very, very, nice track!

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