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Mitch Murder - The Touch (LIFELIKE Remix)

Mitch Murder is one of those producers that never goes out of style! Every time he drops a new track, it seems like that he’s always getting more and more following. Murder keeps feeding those faithful ears with the sound of the retro classic 80’s synthesizer. Every single release is just another passport heading us straight into a new episode of Miami Vice. Today Mad Decent dropped an ace remix from French Disco Master Laurent Ash (aka Lifelike) of Murder’s new single “The Touch,” off his forthcoming EP to be released on Thursday, July 25th. The piece we bring you today explores all the best from both sides. The treatment from French producer respects the concept from the original. Lets say that this version is more orientated for the dance floor. We can easily identify three different moments along the piece, working as an excellent DJ tool, specially if you want to add a different sonority to your DJ Set. 7 minutes of uplifting and retro futuristic sounds, creating an interesting and robotic atmosphere. The original single might also become in the future the soundtrack of a little animated game sequel called “Wave Race 64.” Make sure to download for free your copy below, and show some love to both artists for giving away such an awesome work!

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