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Olympic Ayres

There has been has been around the blogosphe a huge and fair hype around the single “Magic” from Sydney’s duo Olympic Ayres. During the past weekend they released the remix package for the new track, which is available as free download. In case you missed the original single, listen/watch the video below.

Olympic Ayres – Magic (Official Video)

The remix package features Luke Million, Pharao Black Magic and Night Drive. It’s quite hard to say which one is our favorite, but the truth is that we’re completely addicted to these great Summer vibes. For what we’ve been checking, Luke Million’s redemption is getting more attention from the blogsphere. Anyway, we’re truly happy with the whole package, and that’s why we’re posting the whole thing. Make sure to gab the original and the remixes via Olympic Ayres Facebook fan page. Excellent!

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