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Germany Germany - Solar System

NY-based producer Miley Cyrus (aka Germany Germany) released today a new album called “Solar System.” The new work is basically a compilation of his past releases, featuring as well some brand new tracks for our pleasure delight. Initially, we were planning to pusblish only one unreleased track, but after listening to the whole thing, we decided to post the entire set. It’s quite easy to fall in love by Germany Germany’s magical and uplifting sound, while he creates different atmospheres along album, emanating a roller coaster of emotions and reactions to the listener. We have featured some of his past releases, such as the single “Apollo,” and to be honest, now it makes sense to listen to the whole story. “Solar System” will surprise you for its innovating and personalized sound line. Make sure to grab your copy of the album below, and show some love to Germany Germany on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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