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The xx’s “Coexist” album was released last year, but actually it seems it happened yesterday! For some people it might be an overrated work, and for others it is just perfect. It’s really hard to say who is right, or who is wrong, since we’re talking about a band that we’re always expecting something produced from artists that are considered a reference. Anyway, here’s a gorgeous remix by Maya Jane Coles for the single “Fiction,” which is one of our favorite singles from “Coexist.” Coles redemption totally respects the feeling from the original piece. We can clearly say that it works like a second round to pay attention to this particular track. We say this, because nowadays with the amount of music being delivered, we tend to forget the music we heard last month, last week, last…. Without a doubt that this remix will make you go back and re-listen to the album,, just like you did for the first time. “Coexist” is out now, and you can buy it right here. Pure bliss!



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  1. amazing stuff. as said on upside sounds(you guys are the same people? post nearly at the same time..), also chained from Talabot is imho damn great, if you didn't hear..

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