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Lapalux - Without You (TWOS Remix)

A couple days ago TWOS dropped an excellent remix of Lapalux’s fantastic single “Without You.” The truth is that this track is not easy to remix, and probably that’s why there aren’t too many remixes of it. Since we heard it for the first time, it has been on loop. We also know that besides our pals from Upside Sounds, we didn’t find many more articles about this piece. Honestly, we think TWOS deserves a lot more love from the blogosphere. We’re not going to change the world with our post, but at least we’re doing our best to give him more exposure. Anyway, he already counts with 10k plays on soundcloud, which clearly shows that people aren’t “sleeping.” Thank God for that. Plus it’s a freebie and you can download it below. More important of all, you should heart this remix on Hype Machine, because it is a way to bring it into the worldwide spotlight. And yes, we’re begging for a heart! If you really like what you’re hearing it’s the least you can do. Believe us, it would make all the difference. In case you missed the excellent video for the original, check it out here. Peace!

Download here ///



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5 Responses so far.

  1. so true_increadible remix. Thanks for highlighting Mr.TWOS! will share!

  2. David Conboy says:

    Saw Lapalux at Sonar last year and fell heavy for his multilayered brilliance. This is a great mix.. Keeps the intricacy but adds a lovely warm and smooth layer to the track.

  3. Nick Cooke says:

    Really been loving Lapalux lately. Consistently brings the heat.

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