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The sun is out for the bank holiday in the UK, but much like our featured artist seems to be a bit shy over in Sweden. So while the sun is coming through my window, we get to première one of the tracks from the album “Elsewhere”, a collection of remix tracks taken from Sally Shapiro‘s third album “Somewhere Else”, released earlier this year. Sally Shapiro are a synthpop duo consisting of Sally Shapiro and Johan Agebjörn, based in Sweden, who have been spreading their love for the Italo disco since 2006. They have produced three albums to date, with the first album “Disco Romance” being so well received in Europe that the indie label Paper Bag Records picked it up for a US release. Following each album release is a remix album from the same, and the previous collections include remixes from top guns like Tensnake, Lindström, The Juan Maclean, Junior Boys, CFCF, Lovelock or Bottin. This time we see featured works by Young Galaxy, Nite Jewel, Mitch Murder or Dan Lissvik.
As for our première, the single “This city’s local italo dj has a crush on me” get’s the honours from the UK’s prolific singer songwriter Little Boots. Victoria Hesketh has been on our radar for some time now (this blog’s local writer may have a little crush on her) for her previous originals and remixes. She makes her own discotheque version, a very well mannered remix somewhere between House and Nudisco. While that may be arguable, what’s not is the excellent rearrangement of the elements in the original to make this a club oriented tune, much like the physics maxim “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”.
So be sure to check the album that comes out tomorrow, the 28th, available already on pre-order here.

Album Tracklist:
1. I Dream With An Angel Tonight (Lovelock Remix)
2. If It Doesn’t Rain (Dan Lissvik Remix)
3. All My Life (Mitch Murder Remix)
4. Architectured Love (Mauvais Cliché Remix)
5. Sundown (Nite Jewel Remix)
6. This City’s Local Italo Disco DJ Has A Crush On Me (Little Boots Discotheque Remix)
7. Don’t Be Afraid (Lost Years Remix)
8. Starman (Henning Fürst Remix)
9. What Can I Do (Young Galaxy Remix)
10. Lives Together (The Field Remix)

Sally Shapiro – Starman feat. Electric youth (Official Video)



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