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Blackbird Blackbird - Summer's Almost Here

Summer! The season of the year that everyone is happy, everyone looks better with a stylish tan walking around dressed up with the minimum clothes possible! Summer parties, where all friends get together, and of course, Summer magical affairs, love in the air! Sounds good, right? The latest single from San Francisco producer Blackbird Blackbird conveys all the spirit of the upcoming season. It’s official, “Summer’s Almost Here” is exactly what we want hear from now on! It seems that Mikey Maramag keeps showing us his unlimited resources when we talk about quality and variety of production skills. It’s quite hard to tell what genre we can tag the new single, but without a doubt  it brings us good feelings and for sure it will put a smile upon your face since the first moment you click play. The track starts with a cool sound of birds singing, followed by little micro vocal female samples. Everything is filled with a crispy and intermittent bassline together with a sensual and sparkling synth line.  Smooth, addictive, and truly beautiful! Unfortunately we don’t have any info about a release date, but for sure it will be played on repeat, over and over again. It’s Summertime!



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