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Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories was released yesterday, May 21st, and while we’re still absorbing the new work, the duo prepared one last surprise for their fans. Nothing more, nothing less, than a bonus track called “Horizon” released exclusively on Japan iTunes. This little piece has been played on repeat all morning here at Golden Scissors, and probably, it will be played on repeat for the rest of the week. The single is delicate, bright, and very much addictive. It has some sort of magical vibe conveyed by a hazy guitar together with a simple and beautiful synth-line. “Horizon” will eventually surprise you, just like the entire album did. It shows a different direction. It’s clear that Daft Punk’s music is more mature, eclectic, and you can easily feel that every single detail is well designed and planned. We’re preparing a full review of the album. We have no rush to make it public, because we’re still listening to the work very carefully. It’s a huge responsibility to review such a brilliant piece of gold, that for sure will stay in the history of electronic music. Download “Horizon” below, buy your copy of the album on iTunes, and read our post about the duo’s history, right here. Stay Golden…

Download: Daft Punk – Horizon here ///



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  1. Melodie Davis says:

    Kind of jealous that we don't all get "Horizon"… But still excited to listen to Random Access Memories on vinyl! The teaser for it ( ) is pretty intense.

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