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Worship - Close Encounter EP

We have previously shared several times music from Swiss producer Worship! There’s always something magical behind his retro-futuristic 80’s synth magical sound. If you remember a couple years ago, this specific genre was very much the “scene,” just like Deep House presently. Worship already count with several remixes for people such as Moullinex or B-Xentric. His music has been equally played by the likes of Goldroom, Anoraak, Zimmer, just to name a few. If you’re fan of Worship, you already know that his glamorous synthesizer is the main character of his sound. For what we know “Close Encounter EP” was initially supposed to be a two tracks single, ending up into a five track EP with 4 original singles and a remix from Dutch producer Auxiliary tha Masterfader of  the track “Orion Forever.” As rule we pick up only one track to dedicate some words, but the truth is that the whole thing sounds more interesting if you listen from the start, till the end. If we had to choose a favorite, maybe it would be “Alpha Centauri.” Honestly, it cause us a shiver feeling down the spine! We already know that the movement used to bigger, and it is our mission to support the artists and labels behind these productions. Obviously that’s why we always try support the movement, specially when something is made with love and soul. Without a doubt that we’re facing an excellent release!

“Close Encounter” is being released via Holographic People, and it is available on Junodownload since May 15. Also, Holographic People joined forces with Ricoché in order to offer a limited edition of 50 cassettes. The cassette comes with two exclusive tracks, two badges, and equally access to a digital copy of the EP. Check out the picture below as example, and make sure to order your copy via Ricoché‘s Bancamp before it runs out. Long live the 80’s!




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