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Cashmere Cat - Kiss Kiss (Pat Lok Allerg-Edit)

Canadian producer Pat Lok has just made our day over here at Golden Scissors! Here’s a very cool edit he did of Cashmere Cat‘s brilliant “Kiss Kiss.” In fact the original single is probably the second most hyped single from Oslo producer, right after “Mirror Maru.” About this work, minor changes were introduced here. Although, this might the perfect club edit if you’re DJ and you want to play this track on your set. Pat Lok extended the original version, redraft the intro by adding a nice background kick (perfect to mix with the previous track). He also added an interesting house feeling together with a light piano-line right before that awesome build around the min 03:24. It’s not fair to say that this edit is better than the original, but it is definitely an excellent DJ tool. The good new is that this work is going to be available as free download via Pat Lok’s facebook account, as soon as he reach 3000 fans. In case you haven’t already, make sure to buy Cashmere Cat’s “Mirror Maru” EP on itunes, which is by far one of the most interesting and creative releases from 2012!

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