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Flight Facilities - I Didn't Believe feat. Elizabeth Rose

And here we go for another epic post! “I Didn’t Believe” feat. Elizabeth Rose is the new single from Australian duo Flight Facilities. Once again they’re using the same formula just like they did with their previous releases. It’s interesting to see that they always manage do find a beautiful female vocal to enhance their music. This time they invited Elizabeth Rose, which is not exactly an unknown name for us, since we already heard her remix for the single “Foreign Language” |listen here|. We also know that the instrumental part of this single was produced in 2010. Since then they’ve been working and improving the track and here’s the final result. For sure you also remember that in 2010 they equally released the fantastic “Crave You” |listen here|. It’s fair enough to say that Flight Facilities are a worldwide reference when we talk about the Nu Disco movement. Besides dropping amazing music, they also “push” other artists careers by inviting them to remix their music. For this new single we will remixes by Tiger & Woods, Lou Teti and Light Year. Make sure to pre-order your copy of the new work which will drop on May 8th. Pure Gold!



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