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Empress Of
It seems that everyone already heard Empress Of, except our blog. Sorry about that! “Tristeza” is the single we bring you today. Initially the idea was just to share the remixes, but there’s something intriguant behind Lorely Rodriguez music. Owning an angelical voice, she sings in Spanish, although she’s native from Los Angeles. Obviously her roots are very well expressed in her music sounding like something unconsciously planned. Most important of all is the fact that when we listen to Empress Of, we feel that this might be just the beginning of something that might become quickly massive. “Tristeza” is taken from her debut “Systems” EP released on April 2nd via Terrible Records. Before talking about the remixes, watch below a small video cut of Lorely Rodriguez performing a simple piano version of the single “Tristeza.”

The remix package couldn’t be more exciting! 100% Spanish production in charge of El Guincho and Pional. Both producers took a different approach of the single. Pional remix totally respects the feeling of the original single decomposing the elements giving it final effective warm and lazy house touch. On the other side, Díaz-Reixa’s version gives a whole new direction, and we’re truly addicted to his remix. You can feel the cinematographic feeling all over this work. It is clearly divided into 3 different moments with an interesting vocal rework in the beginning  followed by a jazzy atmosphere ending up almost like the original song. Stunning work.



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