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Du Tonc - Surging Memories

God bless Du Tonc! We’re truly in love by this collaboration between Mighty Mouse & Matt Van Schie. After releasing the excellent “Darkness” |listen here| the duo is back with a new stunning production titled “Surging Memories.” Again, we’re facing an excellent release that for sure is going to be played on repeat for the next couple weeks. Obviously we’re talking about two producers very well known for their talent and background. However it’s truly impressive to notice that they created a new sound-line with a strong “personality” and it is quickly becoming one of the best things we’re going to keep from 2013. “Surging Memories” is a slice piece of Indie Disco? Nu Disco? Pop? who knows? with a gentle guitar, warm bass-line, together with Schie’s beautiful and clean vocal. The truth is that they crafted their own sound, taking a complete different path from everybody else! If we think that nowadays it is really hard to make the difference, Du Tonc are clearly fighting against the current by delivering strong and solid music. Besides following the same methodology of their previous single, we’re honestly excited to see what is going to happen in the future with this project. Make sure to buy your copy of this track on iTunes. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!



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