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The Other Tribe - We Should Be Dancing (Ryan Riot Remix)

Swiss producer Ryan Riot just made our day here at Golden Scissors! Here’s his latest remix of The Other Tribe’s single “We Should Be Dancing. After a first listen we had to share this super cool and happy version of an original track that by itself is already pretty cool. Riot’s take couldn’t be more creative and energetic! If you already heard the original single, the first difference you will notice is the pitched up bpm of the entire piece, bringing a new life and fast pace, heading you straight to the dance floor. Plus, around the 00:32 there’s a kick that will certainly make you jump and beg for more. The sound will develop into something very much like the “old” Peter & The Magician stuff. There are some sort of Italo-disco vibes together with a resized percussion of the original single. 122 bpm are more than enough to make you shake the skeleton. Make sure do download your copy below, and follow Ryan Riot on Facebook and Soundcloud. Definitely a piece to be tested on the dance floor!

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