Golden Scissors



How about a trip to the past? Or maybe it’s the future. With the release of Daft Punk’s new Disco slapped single who can say what the future holds. But enough about DP. Today is about one of the artists from the DFA label that hasn’t lost that classic funk boogie, Shit Robot.
Marcus Lambkin was born in Ireland and moved to NY where he met James Murphy, later after moving to Germany he released a full EP, From the Cradle to the Rave, with mixture of influences that can only be the sum of all these travels. From disco sound to house feel tunes or even that repetitive beat characterized by the first robots of electronic, it’s all there. It’s a wonderful peace of electronic music.
So what’s next on the man’s agenda? Once again he goes back in time to some of the classic influences with a laid back disco groove, with his great bass compass comes a 90’s synth giving us motion and following this path is the vocal works of Luke Jenner, of the Rapture, with is falsetto trademark, picking up where Sylvester left of. Let’s get funky, summer is coming.
Be sure to catch this song in the DFA Store.



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