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STRFKR - Golden Light

I just came across by one of those remixes that you feel it’s your duty to share! Here’s a beautiful redemption by matrixxman of STRFKR‘s brilliant “Golden Light.” Honestly I don’t even know how and why I’m following matrixxman’s Soundcloud account, basically,  because I have never heard about him before. There isn’t much information about him as well. I have just checked his Facebook and all it says is: “a boi trapped in a realm of cascading alphanumeric data prone 2 url love among other obsessive tendencies.” Anyway, this remix is pure gold! The original single is already superb, which is taken from the band’s latest album “Miracle Mile.”  Matrixxman doesn’t change much the original version. He only adds a Nu Disco glimpse together with a light sythline and scoring drum beats. So simple, yet so good and effective. Download this track below and watch a very cool video footage for the original track after the jump. Enjoy…!

Download here ///


Footage from the movie “That Junior Miss Spirit.” (1970)



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