Golden Scissors



There’s always something intriguing behind French music! When you’re going to listen to something from that specific country, your expectations are naturally high. I believe it is a common feeling between the electronic community! Am I wrong? Those kids from France, Juveniles, they’re a solid – real example of French avant-guard futuristic Synthpop Disco with influences coming from the inside, into the immense world of sounds. When you listen to French music you can always feel their elegance, brightness, and natural talent. They always manage to turn things sounding more cool. It’s something cultural that will never fade away. The new single “Fantasy,” oh yes! It brings all the best you can listen coming from France.  Shinning clean and happy synths together with a full warm bassline filling the gaps between compasses. High quality production. They know exactly what they are doing! Perfect track if you’re searching for the right “feel good” party for tonight. In case you missed their previous single “Strangers” produced by Yuksek, check it out here. France ♥



Categories: Disco, Funk, Indie, Pop, Synth

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