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Flight Facilities - Clair De Lune (P O S Remix)

Australian-based duo Philosophy Of Sound has just dropped a new remix of Flight Facilities’s superb “Clair De Lune.” It has been a while since we heard something new from POS and we couldn’t let pass the opportunity to show them some love for this work. We have previously posted some of their original material and also we’ve also interviewed them, read it here. POS brings to the original an interesting synthesized progression, reinventing and changing the order of the vocal. While the sounds keep rolling along the player, you’ll feel more involved, specially for the amplitude felt by the synthline. Almost 6 minutes of disco to re-listen and dance slowly. Make sure to grab your free copy in exchange of a Facebook like. Great news just before another promising weekend!

Artwork by Miriam Leon

Download here ///



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  1. Ianthe says:

    Philosophy of Sound, rocks!

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