Golden Scissors



French producer Pierre-Alexandre Busson (aka Yuksek) is back to the remixing game! This time he’s reworking a single called “Right Now” from Spanish duo Kostrok. Again we’re facing another ace treatment showing why Monsieur Busson is a master at his game! In case you already heard the original, you’re going enjoy this treatment for a single that is already very cool. Without taking the essence of the original, Yuksek deconstruction/construction brings a whole new perspective to this piece. Clearly, French producer takes the single into his own world, blending it with his own golden touch, giving the idea that this remix was intentionally made for him to play on his DJ sets. Superb synth line heading you straight to the dancefloor. Personally I would love to dance to this track. So powerful and at the same, super classy and fancy! This remix is being released on May 14 on Parlophone Records.



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  1. this is fuckin amazing! made my day 🙂

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