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Howlings - Detached

A couple weeks ago I received a mail submission from San Francisco-based producer Isaiah Williams (aka Howlings) about his single “Detached.” I’m gonna be totally honest with you. After a first I listening I didn’t pay much attention to it. Sometimes we receive so many submissions, that in the end of the day we’re so tired that  is not easy to assimilate a determinate piece. My apologies to Isaiah and also to Elaby, because she also called my attention to this specific track. A couple days ago I stumbled across this track, again, and since then I’ve been listening to it on repeat. I sincerely feel that it is my duty to share this sweet track with our followers. “Detached” is a beautiful deep and emotional piece of golden beats together with Isaiah’s vocal samples, which sounded pretty well and completely different from what we are used to hear. Definitely a small particle of heaven that besides sounding sad, it conveys positive and warm vibes. In order to find more of the same potion, make sure to download this track below, and follow Howlings on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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