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Touch Sensitive - Pizza Guy

Last week we featured Touch Sensitive‘s excellent “Show Me” |listen here| which is the B-side of an excellent vinyl released on April 13th via Future Classic. Today the Australian label uploaded on Soundcloud “Pizza Guy,” also from the same release. We’re truly in love for both singles! “Pizza Guy” takes a different direction from the previous piece, going more retro with a beautiful synth-line build creating some sort of anxiety to the listener. Around the minute 1:14 the massive built culminates with a massive explosion of feeling good energy. There’s also an interesting drop that slowly fades away around the min 2:24 together with an interesting female chopped vocal. Also very interesting is the massive bass-line around the piece. The track ends up with some sort of bubbling sounds around 5:10, which is perfect for a transition in case you’re DJ. Clearly we’re facing one of the best releases of the year so far. In case you haven’t already, make sure to buy your digital copy of the EP on beatport, and vinyl via Future Classic. Excellent!



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