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Satin jackets_only you

While we wait for summer and those long walks on the beach, let’s listen to the new tune by Satin Jackets. I’m not going to waste time talking about the man, we have a full interview with him |check here|. Don’t get me wrong, we love his work, and we can’t get enough of it.
“Only you” features Patrick Baker working on the vocals, again in a class of his own, as we can attest by his recent collaboration with 5 Reasons on “Night Drive in Moscow” |listen here|. And while I listen to this track for the 100th time, I find myself again longing for those hot summer nights when you’re out and about with friends going through the streets from bar to bar, having so much fun that time seems to freeze. Wait, where am I? Right, the song. Satin Jackets delivers another great tropical production, full of good vibe where basslines, synths and beats all come together to give us another reason to smile.
The full release is set to be on the 19th on Deep and disco, and comes accompanied with remixes by Rogue Vogue and Delia D.



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