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The beautiful girl with the fancy hat is back! Last week we featured two singles from the mysterious singer Fe. Apparently, she read my post because it was shared on her Facebook (what an honour). A couple minutes ago we received an email with a download link of the single “Let It Go.” I’m truly in love with Fe’s beautiful and sedative voice. I dare to say that she might become huge! Her music is truly refreshing, simple, and truly effective/addictive. While we keep asking ourselves about the true identity of the mysterious personage behind that hat, we keep watching over and over again her videos on YouTube. I dare to say that Fe might become more than just a YouTube video affair.  We have high expectations to see what’s going to be her next step. The simplest  things in life, usually are the most well conceived and accepted by the humankind. Fe totally deserves the spotlight. Not just for her amazing hat, but essentially for the humble and positive energy her music conveys. This might be beginning of a remarkable dream! Make sure to download below your copy of the single “Let It Go,” and watch the video for “Remarkable Affair” after the jump. ♥ ♥ ♥

Download here ///


Remarkable Affair



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