Golden Scissors



A couple months ago we featured a superb compilation titled ” Show Me The Future” |download here| released on the amazing Friends of Friends Music. In case you’re familiarized with the label, you already know that they are responsible for releasing Tomas Barfod’s excellent “November Skies,” which is considered one of the best singles of 2012. Today we bring you a piece called “Babe” taken from NY-based producer Nathan Broaddus, a.k.a Evenings, forthcoming album “Yore.” Since we discovered his music, we’ve been anxiously waiting for him to share something new in order to dedicate him some humble and honest words. We openly assume that his elegant and smooth music completely stole our hearts. We know that Nathan has been producing since 2000, throwing tracks up on MySpace, which makes us think that after such a long time of experimenting and composing,  this new album might be the result of the work of an entire life. Judging by this small track called “Babe” our expectations are high, which is a natural and legit consequence of the highly additive level that made me write this post. You will instantly listen and repeat this small cut of pure elegance and beauty. Every single note connects perfectly with the previous composition, heading the listener into Nathan’s deep imaginary world. There are small retro textures (vocal samples) along the piece that will unconsciously make you travel back in time. “Yore” is being released on April 16th via FoF Music Bandcamp. Make sure to buy copy of the album and follow Evenings on Facebook and Soundcloud. Educate You Ears.



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