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Despite being the first time we’re featuring L.A. producer Mark Redito, a.k.a. spazzkid, we’ve been following him for quite some time now. Honestly, I don’t know why we haven’t posted his music before since we facing something truly beautiful and rich in terms of quality production. “Loving Free” is taken from his latest LP titled “Desire 願う,” which has been played on repeat all morning. The entire work is very well designed and varied. You’ll be positively impressed by the several moments of joy, chillness, euphoria, and sweetness of the entire album. The whole work is filled with delicious details that will make you repeat it over and over again, in order to understand exactly what you’re listening to. I’m not sure how old Mark is but the quality of his production is already excellent. “Loving Free”  is a piece of happy/euphoric electronic pop together with a lovely vocal that will brighten up your day. I’m not intending to make comparisons, but I would say that spazzkid’s music kinda reminds me of Twin Shadow, Neon Indian and also the “old” Toro y Moi. Really impressive! “Desire 願う” is available as free download on his bandcamp. All you have to do is check it out below. Since nowadays almost all music is available for free, and if you like this specific sound, you should share this post. You never know who’s going to read it and eventually support spazzkid’s golden touch! I’ve also copied a little description from his bandcamp where he explains the main concept of the new album. Read it below:

“I really wanted “Desire” to have an eclectic sound to reflect the different sounds I’ve been listening to while recording the album. In particular, I found Bibio’s 2011 album, “Mind Bokeh” an inspiration in terms of eclecticism and wanted to achieve that same level of variety. I also found myself taking inspiration from a lot of my peers on soundcloud who make beats, post-dubstep, chillwave and techno tracks. I knew I wanted my sound to be very “electronic” but I also made it a point to sound warm, organic and imperfect.”

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