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wake owl teen daze remix

A couple months ago we featured Noah Hyde’s magical remix of Wake Owl’s “Gold” |download here|. Today Vagrant Records shared a new remix by Teen Daze of the single “Wild Country,” taken from the bands latest EP. As you can imagine Teen Daze’s take is completely different from Noah Hyde’s version. The original single by itself is very humble giving the idea that the band is shy when it comes to show the splendor of their sumptuous sound. Canadian producer treatment is relaxed, hazy, open minded, almost taking this single into an euphoric state of mind. Maybe Teen Daze’s version has the goal of taking off all that shyness from the original, transporting with him the real beautifulness of a great track. Definitely Daze’s midas touch doesn’t change the essence of this single. Intelligently, he managed to put his own signature respecting a piece that is already magical. I didn’t handle myself, and I’ve attached to this post the original single, which you can stream it below the player. Download this remix and make sure to grab the EP via Amazon, because it is very good.

Download here ///


Wake Owl – Wild Country (Original Single)



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