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jamie xx

Without a doubt that Jamie XX is one of my personal favorite DJ’s of the moment! Last month he played alongside with Carl Craig, and John Talabot at Red Bull Music Academy x Boiler Room in Miami . From everyone that played in that afternoon, his set was the only one I heard from the beginning until he end. Why? Specially because he’s not “boring” as entertainer. He could just play the same genre over and over again, but he didn’t. His DJ set was diversified roaming around several genres, which can only make it more rich, and for sure people enjoyed it a lot more. He shows that by playing a set with different genres, can only make it sound better. Obviously, it’s more difficult to play this way because you can make  a few errors. But, aren’t we all human? The secret of being a successful DJ is to touch people’s heart. It’s useless if you know all the tracks that are being released if you don’t know how to play them. To become a successful entertainer you don’t need to play all the hottest and new tunes that are being released. All you need to know is to make a good and varied sequence. This DJ set is a lesson to everyone who likes to play, dance, and listen to good music. Download it below and watch the video!

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