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This week we have asked Kasper Bjørke some questions, but first let’s know who hides behind this brilliant guy.

Behind this Danish artist hides a producer and remixer who has positioned himself as one of the most renowned and versatile Danish contributors to the international electronic music scene. His first musical contact was becoming part of Filur duo (with Tomas Barfod part of Whomadewho rightnow) following his solo career in 2007 with “In Gumbo“, his debut album achieving successful reviews.

You may don’t know it, but he has been A&R chair at indie label Fake Diamond where he discovered Oh Land and became Trentemøller’s manager; but in 2011 he get rid of that facet and decided to focus on his solo project. Let’s see what he’s said to us.

GS: What did you learn from your Filur stage? You remained friends?
KB: Both of us started to make electronic music as Filur. So it was like being in kindergarten at first… we just tried out ideas and some of them worked and others were horrible.
We still are friends yes – though we dont work together anymore.

GS: How did you decided to take the next step on your own? It was something planned or just a try?
KB: Well, Tomas started to play drums in Whomadewho on the side and since I didnt have a side project with similar potential, I just started to make music alone.
That was actually really good for me – I kind of lost inspiration in the duo setup.

GS: A backpacker world trip, trying to be an Art director… how did you get into the music world? when did you realize it was really your thing?
KB: As soon as Filur took off, around the 1st album in 2000, we could make a living from it. I didnt think about it as something I had to do forever, I just really liked travelling the world as a DJ. It was easy and fun.
Maybe around the time I started to do solo albums I realized that music is what I am meant to do – later I have also taken on other aspects of the industry. Some years doing A&R for a new label, discovering new acts – and management, which I really love to do as well. Also to get out of the studio – Im not one of those producers that can sit 12 hours a day working on beats. When I do albums I work much more concentrated – but at other times it can be several weeks without working on something new.

GS: Many renown artists have remixed your tracks, be honest, which is your favorite one?
KB: I think the Nicolas Jaar one. He is an amazing artist.

GS: You are involved also in management duties, could you anticipate some upcoming new artists that will be soon on the hotspot? Are you always on alert to find new people?
KB: I think the Danish producer Brynjolfur is really evolving right now – he is releasing a great single on Eskimo soon. And also there is a cool new project called Gold Lip. They just released one song called Breakfast Song, but I have heard some new demos and its really good stuff.
As I dont do A&R anymore I am not in the same way looking for new talent to sign myself – but I am still always searching for vocalists that I could potentially work with or match up with someone else. Its fun.

GS: Last year you were one of Hugo Boss faces and were involved in different actions of the German brand, what kind of relation do you have with fashion in you daily life? How did you feel about been selected for it?
KB: I was quite honored that Hugo picked me. The year before they worked with Little Dragon which is a great band. So yeah, I was flattered – and I think it was a fun experience to try to be in that role.
On a daily basis I dont think too much about fashion. I mean, when Im travelling and shopping obviously I am looking for clothes and stuff – but its not that Im surfing the fashion blogs for the latest collections.


GS: We’ve see you has been in many venues (Panorama Bar included), which one has the best sound and which are the best to play and to hang out?
KB: Well, you said it. Panorama Bar has the best sound and is also THE best place to play and party… in the world.
Le Bain in NYC is also great because its a beautiful location on the top of The Standard Hotel with an amazing view of the skyline…

GS: You’ve said you are afraid of flying, any tricks as a frequent flyer for those who suffer from it and can’t avoid it?
KB: If you fly alot and have miles on your frequent flyer card, I recommend using them on upgrading to better seats. It just helps to sit in the front part of the plane.
If thats not an option, always sit at the emergency exit above the wings. There is more leg space.
And then it helps if you are not hung over or stressed when you board the plane. That makes you much more sensitive and scared.

GS: What’s between partying 24/7 and going home with your girlfriend and cat? Already fed up with the nightlife atmosphere?
KB: “Already” ? I have been partying and DJing since 1998. Thats 15 years non stop. Can I just have a rest now, please ?

GS: Any hints on your upcoming solo projects?
KB: I just had the idea to start working on a EP soon and collaborate with my friend Kap10Kurt in New York on a track… but other than that I am going to work on a project with the italian string composer Davide Rossi. He has worked with huge artists like The Verve, Coldplay, Alicia Keys and also John Hopkins and Goldfrapp. The project we are doing together is more of a cinematic kind – not for the clubs but rather museums, exhibition halls or theatres.

GS: Being so busy how do you keep updated with music? Do you follow any blog?
KB: This is when I say Golden Scissors, right ? Haha:)
I get alot of new music sent to me… and I try to keep up via blogs and websites, yes….






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