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Darius Crayon

When we’re planning to get some rest during the weekend there’s always someone that drops a new track or remix that makes us feel “obligated” to share with our readers. “Alicia” is the result of a collaboration, 100% French, between Darius & Le Crayon, and it was premiered in Zimmer’s latest “Lunaire” mix. It was been so long since we heard something new from Darius that I had to dedicate him some words. This single might not become as epic as “Maliblue,” but certainly it will be played on repeat mode for the next couple of days – weeks – months. The new production we bring you today is piece of golden disco, which is exactly what we like to share here at Golden Scissors. Tropical, warm, sensual, and classy sounds allied with tight production. You can clearly feel the touch from both producers, which doesn’t surprise at all since we’re talking about French music producers. It’s in their DNA. Techno from Germany, Garage/Bass from UK, and Disco from France. Definitely a piece of gold that will stay forever  in our hearts. Make sure to grab your copy below and keep it for yourself like a little treasure. I’ve also attached to this post the magnificent “Maliblue.” Revisit it after the jump.  France, je t’aime

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