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Touch Sensitive - Show Me

Australian imprimant, Future Classic, is about to release a new EP from local newcomer Touch Sensitive. “Show Me” the single we bring you today is the B of the vinyl that features “Pizza Guy” on the A side and a remix from Lauer. We’ve been introduced last year to Sydney’s Nu Disco producer when he released “Sensitive Real Talk” together with anna lunoe, also via Future Classic. When Summer in North Hemisphere is starting to become a light at the end of the tunnel, we are presented with a shining slice of Tropical well measured warm Disco coming from South Hemisphere. For just being a B side of a vinyl we can only hope for more and more of the same quality production, if that’s even possible! Make sure to pre-order your copy on Juno, which drops next Monday 8. Perfect for warming up before going out to party on Saturday Night.

Artwork by Tom Wesselmann “Seascape Dropout” 1982.



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  1. Polvo Disco says:

    Great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Josh Cedillo says:


  3. Thomas Madrid says:

    I was wondering what that first track was on that last Sole Fixtape… Good good stuff.

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