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Sometimes the sun just comes from the most unexpected of places. Today we feature the Russian producer 5 Reasons, that falls really far from the tree, and has been producing hot summer tunes that you might expect from someone who actually lives in a place where the sun always shines bright. But I guess that for a 16 year old person, the power of dreaming is as much as the reality you live in.
I’m very glad that he can dream big and come up with a song like this. I can imagine myself on some beach bar at night and listening to this song in the background. But these melodic disco sounds accompanied by a beautiful piano that seem to come directly from the 80’s are complemented by the great voice of Patrick Baker, who is also on vocal duty for Satin Jackets next release “Only you”. And to top this there is of course a remix by Satin Jackets giving it’s tropical feel to this already wonderful release that comes this April 8th on Shiny Disco Club.
So listen to the song below and make sure to follow 5 Reasons for more disco goodness.



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  2. goddamn, this song is sexy.

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