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The deep-house master Slow Hands (American Ryan Cavanagh) has teamed up with country-fellow Tanner Ross to work on a new album, which is still on the works. This collaborations goes on for about two years now, with the two men working slowly. Even though, the duo seems to be having great fun and that’s good news for us, because the the results are quite addictive.

All the Same is a house track, building itself on deep beats that swirl around hits and snares like a pulse. Not far from a dubby secret whispered in our ears, the song goes on for almost eight minutes, during which Ross sings seductively. It’s not unusual for a deep-house track to use such elements, but here the duo gets away with it in an effortless way.

The single comes with two remixes. The first one comes from Babby Prince (half of Wolf + Lamb) and Bamboozle (half of Soul Clap), who speed things up and create a devious reconstruction of the song. In the other hand, Jah Bless slows it even further, adding to the dubbier side to revision the track as a reggae hit.

Here at Golden Scissors, we are looking forward to hear more about these two! What about you guys?



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  1. The subtlety in All The Same shows that Slow Hands and Tanner Ross are true masters at their craft. Check it out!

  2. love the synth work. chorus remind me of GAYNGS.

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