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slow magic
Dreamwaver producer Slow Magic is responsible for one of the tracks I heard nonstop during 2012! I’m talking about the single “On Yr Side” which obviously we had to include it on our latest compilation |download here|. Yesterday he shared on Facebook a brand new remix of El Ten Eleven‘s “Yellow Bridges” taken from the bands “Transitions” LP released last October. Just for a first listen I’m totally in love for this piece, that honestly made my day and probably my entire week. If you already heard the original single you’ll have to agree with me that Slow Magic’s takes brings a whole new perspective of a classic Indie Pop song (nothing against it).  He completely rewashed the original single by shortening the piece, from 10 min long into to 4 min and 25 seconds of pure and intense dreamwave sounds. It’s quite impressive the emotional charge of a single that will totally swoop your attention by its grandiosity and creativity. The piece flows naturally like a bubbling cauldron of effervescent sounds that will blow into an explosion of beautiful sounds resulting into something pretty much epic. This remix is taken from a deluxe remix package featuring Com Truise, MAD V, Amp Live, Max Tundra, Odd Nosdam, Kruege, Steed Lord, Kristian Dunn, and D33J. Don’t forget  to pre-order “Transitions Remixed” EP via El Ten Eleven’s Bandcamp, which drops on April 2nd. Unfortunately we also have bad news. Yesterday someone stole the majority of El Ten Eleven’s gear. As you can imagine it’s a really bad situation. For more information about this issue follow this link.



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