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If you’ve been following us for quite some time now, probably you’re expecting a sentimental post for the single I bring you today…. and yes, you’re totally right. Maethelvin is one of those producers that educated my ears a couple years ago, and it’s truly an honor to share his music. He’s a reference to me, and for a lot more people worldwide. I’m not sure if the community has been decreasing or growing, but around 2008 more or less, the French producer was one of the most acclaimed artists of the moment. Maethelvin is part of a generation of retro synth 80s lovers. He’s part of the royalty of the French electro scene, and he’s also one of the masterminds behind Valérie Collective. He already counts with several epic tunes such as “Delight” |listen here| or “The Last Escape” |listen here|. He’s equally part of a movement involving people like Anoraak, The Outrunners, Minitel Rose, Russ Chimes or even Electric Youth.  If  you’re fan of Maethelvin’s music, today is probably one of the most exciting days over the past years. It’s truly amazing to see that he’s back, and probably going to release something else soon. “As we were” contains all the best you can take from a real synthesizer! This new single will easily grow on you, by its elegance and refined sounds being connected to each other gradually creating a romantic and elegant atmosphere. It might sound “strange” in the beginning if you’re not used to listen to this specific genre, but you’ll find yourself looking for more of the same potion. Maethelvin didn’t lost his golden touch and magic of making us dream with his emotional, deep, and at some point personal view of electronic music. Download this track below and make sure to follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud. Valérie, Je t’aime

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