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Our Tuesday just keeps getting better and better! A couple minutes ago, the epic Parisian-based producer Frédéric Rivière (a.k.a Anoraak) dropped a new remix of Trésors‘ single “Pleine Lune.” This was taken from duo’s “Missionnaires” album, released back in December via Modular. We’re happy to see that the French producer didn’t lost his golden touch (and how could he?). He keeps reinventing his remixing skills, even though I don’t know if that’s even possible (he’s clearly a master at his game). If you’re fan of Anoraak’s style, this one’s definitely going to be on repeat.  Also, if you’ve already heard the original single, you’re going to be taken by this piece. It’s quite impressive. Rivière’s deconstruction/reconstruction of the track that doesn’t sound like the original. I’m always fan when someone grabs a single and make it sound different. Anoraak shows his unlimited resources as producer by adding an enormous bassline. This is combined with his “natural” shinning and clean synths. I’m not sure if he changes the key of the vocal, because the vocal of original song sounds a bit lower than this one. 120 bmps are more than enough to herd you onto the dance floor. Around the min 2:24 the bpm speeds up, and that’s when you will probably jump non-stop. Also, very interesting are the mini vocal samples he uses (not sure if it’s from the stems package). These gives an touch to this rendition. Excellent. You can download this work as free download below. Anoraak is so cool, that he’s even giving away a wav file (also for free). This is in exchange of a Facebook like.  In case you missed his remix of Wild Belle’s “It’s Too Late,” make sure to follow this link. With all the excitement, I almost forgot to mention that this track is taken from a remix package of this single, featuring Holy Strays, Bestial Mouths, Steve Moore, Blackmail, and Anoraak, to be released on April 1st on Desire/Modular.  Magical

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