Golden Scissors


Russ Chimes

Without a doubt that London-based producer Russ Chimes became a worldwide reference over the past years. It’s not new anymore that we’re huge fans of all his moves. It’s also interesting that he’s a visionary in terms of upgrading his sound, and specially when it comes to choose people to rework his music. This remix I bring you today is an example of what I’ve just written. When you produce a track, you will eventually get remixed, and I’m pretty sure that if you want to see different approaches of your music, you need to be an open minded person. Music is constantly changing and being cycled. If you stick to the past, you’re going to sound boring and people eventually will stop following/listening to you. This remix from Polish producer Annie Starlight of the single “Turn Me Out” demonstrates that Russ Chimes knows exactly what is going on at moment with the scene. It also works like a trampoline for the lady that is relatively unknown. He could just ask other producers to remix this single, giving another house feeling or electro whatever, but he didn’t. He asked Annie to remix it, and she did an excellent job. Personally it’s hard to say if I prefer the original single, or this remix. I would say both versions were made for different occasions of the day/night. Annie Starlight’s version takes a completely different perspective of a track that originally was produced for the dance floor. This remix is smooth, hazy, elegant, creating an immense atmosphere, heading the listener to a whole different world. Superb vocal treatment, together with an audacious bassline that instantly calls your attention by the positive vibe it conveys. In case you missed the original version of this single, check it out here. Russ Chimes’ “Turn Me Out” remix package drops on Deconstruction Records on April 29th.



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