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The man of sad house is back! After releasing a mesmerizing original single called “15 K,” Norwegian producer Finnebassen has just dropped an edit James Blake’s “Retrograde.” Once again he doesn’t disappoint! Superb take of a track that has been played on repeat here at Golden Scissors. It’s quite interesting to see that Finnebassen grabbed a Post-Dubstep track, and turned it out into a sweet house piece, without even taking the natural emotional feeling of it. Before you say it, I know it’s impossible to produce something close to the original, but definitely this version sounds legit. It’s quite impressive to see how the Norwegian producer extends the piece, stamping his own golden touch, transporting it into his own world adding several distinct moments lasting nearly 9 minutes of pure joy. The whole piece is very well designed creating an immense atmosphere, which in some parts of the reconstruction you will only listen Blake’s vocal together with simple claps sounding very minimalist. In case you missed his previous releases, make sure to check out “15 K,” |download here|, as well as, his superb edit of Sade’s “Jezebel” |download here|. To be played on repeat all day, and in the next coming days/weeks. Download this track below, and let us now in the comments what do you think of this work. Stay golden….

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