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CAMERA2 is a very interesting project from Brooklyn-based four-piece band, and they combine their music with fantastic video productions. Today we bring you the 3rd piece in their 9 part music video series. For what we know this was actually the first clip to be filmed, and took place in Times Square. Really cool stuff. After watching this video, you’ll probably be interested about their previous releases, which you can take a look at them right here. Read below what their leader singer Andy Chase has to say about the experience:

“I was searching for inspiration to tell me what to do with the Camera2 album I’d just finished. We thought having a young boy wandering the streets of Manhattan would be a great foil to what people would normally expect when listening to the lyrics. We chose my son Julien to be the kid since I had always wanted to do something creative with him, and Times Square at midnight was such a compelling location.
After the Wasted video was finished I realized we had stumbled on the inspiration I had been searching for…and this started the 9 video journey with the same team of people. “Wasted” was the song…the video…that started it all.



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