Golden Scissors


george maple

First time we came across George Maple‘s music happened when she participated on Flume’s single “Bring You Down” |listen here|. We also know that she has been touring worldwide with the Australian duo Flight Facilities, and she has been working as well with the Bondax kids. We have no idea how do they find these stunning ladies, but we’re truly in love for George’s hazy sparkling voice.  Since then we’ve been stalking the lady on Soundcloud, and today London golden duo Maribou State shared a remix of her new single “Fixed,” which will be released on April 15th via the Mexican imprimant Tuluum Records. Their redemption of the single takes a completely different approach of the original, which is good! Per usual they never disappoint, delivering a classy version from a track that originally is more heavy, brushing the traditional UK bass. Maribou’s take definitely takes off all that heavy emotional charge, reconstructing the piece almost from its roots, just leaving untouchable Maple’s vocal. They added a light piano-line taking the track into their own world, down-temping it with shinning and delicious moments. You will probably find yourself going back and on forward on the player raptly for the magical of the whole piece. Also, in case you haven’t already, download here, their excellent remix of Ultraísta’s “Gold Dayzz” from our latest compilation. Pure Gold.



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