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I’m so excited about this post!  I don’t even know how to begin expressing the happiness that invades my ears and soul right now. SHOOK IS BACK! “Tonight” is the first single being unveiled from his debut album (releasing this  spring). Shook is responsible for some of my all-time favorite songs, such as “Picture Of Moment” “Flash,” and “Hold Tight.” His works are clever and creative, more so than I have ever heard. He used the sample of 1981’s Change’s in “Hold Tight,” as one example. He’s also responsible for numerous remixes for people such as Louis La Roche, Jupiter, Human Life, Kimbra, Phoenix, and many others! It’s quite impressive the amount of winners he has been collecting over the year. He’s carved a legendary path, but who is Shook? Do we know his real name? I don’t think we do! Does that really matter? We all know his amazing music, but if you want to know him for real, or to see his face, you will have to attend to his shows. That’s the only way! “Tonight” has everything we expect from his golden touch. Funky guitars, crisp synths; together with his classical vocoder. Everything is allied to an extreme creative and solid production. The good news, is that you can already purchase your copy of the new single on Juno. Also, revisit below his epic “Picture Moment.” Great news just before another promising weekend!!


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